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We start as installation engineering discipline for Oil & Gas industry and now poised to another new services venture for EPCI services, 3D Laser scanning & 3D Modeling , Hook-Up, commissioning


•Process Flow Diagram •Piping & Instrument Diagram •Line Sizing Calculation •Blow Down Study Report •Process Date sheet Equipment •Piping Material Specification •Pipe Wall Thickness Calculation •Process safety


•Offshore Structure Design •Finite Element Analysis (FEA) •Structural Modification Works •Pipe Support Design •Heavy Lifting Design

3D Laser Scanning & 3D Model

•Offshore 3D Laser scanning •3D model generator from Laser scanning •Crash check

Piping & Mechanical

•Riser and Pipe Stress Analysis •Piping Fabrication and Erection (Installation, Design and Service) •Metering Skids Fabrication and Installation (Installation, Design and Service) •Launcher & Receiver Fabrication and Installation (Installation, Design and Service)


•Wellhead Control Panel Fabrication and Installation •Installation and renovate MCC/Switchgear room •Installation and service Battery charger and UPS system •Generator set control and Service •Instrument work (Installation, Design and Service) •Electrical work (Installation, Design, and Service) •Cable sizing and voltage drop calculations •Grounding calculation •Lighting illumination calculation •Electrical load list •Electrical cable schedule : power and control •Lightning protection system calculation •Heating load calculation report •HVAC System. (Install, Design and Service) •Installation Control valve and shutdown valve

Engineering Software

STAAD Pro : Finite element program for structural design

SACS : FEA for design fixed offshore structure

CAESAR II : For piping and riser stress analysis

AutoCAD Plant 3D : •To draw design drawing •To draw 3D model •To generate Isometric drawing. •To generate cloud data to fabrication drawing.

LMF software :To transfer cloud data from Laser Scanning Equipment to AutoCAD.